Calybra High Transport

The new HT system (high transport) on Calybra facilitates the transport of divided dough pieces up to 1850 cm high. It is intended for use in single

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Small Pieces System

The new SPS (small pieces system) allows better unloading of small dough pieces up to 200 gr. It consists of raising the out feed belt towards the

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Calybra Express

Calybra Express is Artezen's solution for bread shops where floor space is important and easy operation crucial. It is only 165 to 174 cm long and

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IBIE 2023

We are back at an international exhibition! It is with pleasure that we invite you to our booth at IBIE in Las Vegas where, in collaboration

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Bengt Gabrielsson

In sadness we received the news that our company's co-founder, Bengt Gabrielsson passed away on October 9th. 

Bengt had retired in

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Above and beyond

Even in these challenging times Artezen and its distributors supply bakeries with much needed equipment, helping them to provide sufficient bread

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Artezen Connect

Artezen Connect is a solution for Industry 4.0. It consists of a Wifi router incorporated into the equipment's electronics for easy cloud connection.

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