Artezen Dough Handling was created to serve the professional baker in a modern, flexible and uncomplicated way. Our bakery machines are defined by accuracy and productivity as well as user friendliness. We can install any of our machines to work in your existing bread plant or provide a complete solution.

Our experienced staff provides excellent support through the worldwide distribution network, included full spare parts service. User manuals are always up-to-date and you can count on our quick response to questions regarding the use of your equipment.

artezen connect

Machines featuring Artezen Connect are ready for Industry 4.0. With the integrated Wifi router they can be connected to our cloud server. Through the Artezen Connect App or desktop application, you can access your machine to program recipes and production schedules, control it from a distance and monitor status and productivity. On

request, Artezen can connect to your machine for support on maintenance or repair. Software updates can also be done through the cloud.
To start using Artezen Connect, follow the link. Your dealer will provide you with the required login credentials, or you can contact us directly by mail:

artezen service

Artezen distributors have access to our web portal where they find all relevant digital information to install, maintain and service our machines. There is plenty of useful information for preventive maintenance and easy steps to guarantee a long life cycle of our products.

Service engineers on customer visit can access the portal from any location as well.
To start using the Artezen Service portal, please follow the link. Artezen’s service office will provide you with the required login credentials, or you can contact us directly by mail:

Artezen is proud to offer its customers a two years limited product warranty. To benefit from your warranty, it is required to register your equipment here. The registration tells us where and when your equipment was delivered and installed, allowing us to serve you in the best way possible. Please first read the warranty conditions hereunder.

  • Product Warranty Conditions
    1. The manufacturer guarantees that the manufactured and sold products are free from defects or anomalies under current law.
    2. The manufacturer also guarantees the proper functioning of its products and the soundness of its components. Specifically excluded from this warranty are all electrical components of the products, all components removable without tools and all components considered to be for normal wear (by way of example and not exhaustive: belts, straps, seals...), as well as all products that are not new at the time of sale.
    3. The warranty under the preceding points is given for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the product, resulting from the fiscal and transport documents used for the commercialisation of the products. Any defects, anomalies or malfunctions must be promptly reported in writing to the manufacturer within eight days of the discovery, under penalty of loss of the aforementioned warranty.
    4. The warranty related to the proper functioning under point 2 is conventionally extended to a total period of twenty-four months from the delivery date of the product if the buyer / end-user registers itself on the website of the manufacturer (titled: within 30 days of delivery of the product. The acceptance of this supplementary warranty is expressly subject to registration by the buyer/ end-user. The manufacturer may request the buyer / end-user a copy of the invoice with the date of delivery of the product of which the request for registration is made. Failure or late registration on the website of the manufacturer by the buyer / end-user will lead to cancellation of the extension of the warranty period provided by the present point 4.
    5. The present warranty is only ensured in the case of a diligent and suitable use of the product according to the schedules pointed out in the instruction manuals. The use of the product to a greater extent than is considered normal, will result in a proportional reduction of the present warranty conditions.
    6. This warranty is also specifically excluded and can not be applied in the following cases:
      1. Modifications on the products executed by third parties not authorised by the manufacturer;
      2. Use of non original spare parts;
      3. Use of the product - or parts of it - in a way not intended or incorrect as specified in the instruction manual of the machine;
      4. Use and maintenance of the products by non expert and / or not properly trained persons;
      5. Failure to perform routine cleaning and maintenance as required in the instruction manual of the machine;
      6. Cleaning of the equipment by use of a high pressure water jet, unless expressly authorised by the manufacturer in the instruction manual of the machine.
    7. All warranty interventions will be carried out at the headquarters of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer determines not to be able to carry out the repairs at its headquarters, the latter is only required to provide the necessary spare parts, leaving the labor costs required for the remedial actions the sole responsibility of the buyer / distributor / end-user.
    8. All shipping costs for products under warranty or their substitutes are invariably at the exclusive charge of the buyer / distributor / end-user. Any compensatory substitution of the products under warranty shall be regulated by a separate written agreement.
    9. The warranty is governed by Italian law. All disputes relating to the present product warranty, without exception, are under the exclusive competence of the Court of Vicenza (Italy) in which place the manufacturer has its legal headquarters.
Serial Number of the machine:
Legal address of the buyer:
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