Artezen designs machines for bakers who allow only the highest quality equipment in their production facilities. Equipment that fulfils the work and food safety requirements with nothing left to chance where reliability is concerned. Continuous small improvements based on input from our customers, further improve the total quality of our machines. Ask us about Artezen Connect and our Oil Free systems to tap into all the advantages of modern professional baking.

• Selection of only the best available components after a meticulous search. We preferably use high quality brands such as SKF bearings, Siemens

hydraulic motors, Schneider electrics, Rexroth valves etc
• Oversized and fully certified steel, aluminium and techno plastic parts. Anti-stick and hygienic surface treatments with certification.
• Footprint and layouts that easily suit production areas and connection to other equipment.
• User friendly and intuitive controls with clear icons and pictures, presenting graphic guidance for cleaning and maintenance procedures.
• Sensors on critical points control the work cycle in a logical way and provide constant diagnosis.
• Filters for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), thermal protection of motors and circuit breakers

to protect wiring. Solid state relays that last a lifetime.
• Machines are delivered with very extensive user manuals, wiring diagrams and spare parts drawings. Clear service instructions available for local technicians to work speedily and efficiently.

We focus on delivering outstanding

  • Accuracy and Control
  • User flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Professional Support


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