We gradually equip our machines with hardware and software for connectivity. Through the Artezen Connect application these machines can be interconnected with other machines in the plant and communicate with production planning systems of the bakery. This is an essential requirement for Industry 4.0.
Remote control through a private network between Artezen and the client allows worldwide long distance diagnosing of service needs included preventive maintenance and support to local technicians.

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artezen connect

The Artezen Connect application is a solution for Industry 4.0. Machines with this logo are equipped with a Wifi router for cloud connection. Through our mobile or desktop application, it is easy to program recipes and daily production schedules from anywhere. In the application you see live status updates (performance, recipe in use, set speed..), enabling you to supervise production in real time and take appropriate actions. Additionally, you can verify the service condition of the connected equipment and performed cleaning. Historical data on production, efficiency, incidents and maintenance allow you to improve processes in your plant and to guarantee better quality to your clients.

User manuals and other relevant data are always up to date and available in one place. The API or OPC data format allows Artezen equipment to be connected to other brand machines and ovens in your bakery or to be programmed through the ERP system. This requires additional software gradually becoming available from software developers.
To start using Artezen Connect, follow the link. Your dealer will provide you with the required login credentials, or you can contact us directly by mail: