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artezen connect intro
Artezen Connect
30 Jan 2019
Artezen Connect is a solution for Industry 4.0. It consists of a Wifi router incorporated into the equipment's electronics for easy cloud connection.
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Artezen at IBA 1
IBA 2018
28 Sep 2018
September 2018 marked a special occasion for Artezen: three years ago at the IBA bakery show in Munich, we showed our brand Artezen for the first
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Informal get together in Norway
02 Jun 2018
Horni Baketeknikk organised an informal get together between manufacturers, distributor, service engineers and bakery clients in its new headquarters
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ScobieMcIntosh opens its Dynamic Customer Demonstration Area
19 Jun 2018
Artezen’s distributor in the UK, Scobie McIntosh, just completed its new dynamic customer demonstration area and equipment showroom. To
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25 May 2017
In order to serve you better, we prepared a special mailing address for all your technical enquiries regarding our equipment.

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nogueira interactiva 2017
Nogueira Interactiva
01 Jun 2017
In cooperation with a number of reputable European manufacturers of bakery equipment, Artezen participated for the second time in the annual Nogueira
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Artezen European Bakery Market Review
The European Bakery Market
22 Sep 2016
Foodmultimedia is the editor of Baking+Biscuit as well as the German magazine Brot und Backwaren. Every year the editors dig deeper into a topic
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Bakery China Artezen 1
Artezen at Bakery China
20 May 2016
Today Bakery China is one of the largest bakery exhibions in the world with an exhibition space of 170.000 sq.m, 1800 exhibitors from 25 different
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Calybra presentation in Verona
Divider in hotel Due Torri Verona
17 Apr 2016
Guests of the five star Due Torri Hotel in Verona were no doubt surprised to find an Artezen dough divider in the lobby of this former
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Bakeri.net Horni
Scandinavian success for Calybra
20 Apr 2016
Calybra has taken Norway by storm. And now Artezen's stress- and oil-free divider is conquering the entire Nordic market, as can be seen at the
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The art of dividing gluten-free bread
15 Jan 2016
The Artezen Calybra divider guarantees optimal dividing results for gluten-free dough. Small or large portions. Without the use of dividing oil.
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