Reliable oil free dividing since 1999

Since our engineers invented and improved the oil free dividing system for Calybra, it has been successfully introduced in over 25 countries worldwide, handling an incredible variety of products. From standard white and mix doughs to 80% rye, pastry such as panettone, pizza production, gluten free... with 45 – 80% water content.
First Calybra applies vacuum to pull

approximately 2-3 times the amount of dough required into the main drum. The drum turns. Then a piston moves the dough into the final dividing chamber according to the set volume. This two-stage system is very accurate. Through the operating software it is possible to be gentle on soft dough or exert more pressure on stronger dough. Watch the film at our Youtube channel: Artezen Dough Handling.


In nearly all dividers on the market today (both volumetric and vacuum), oiling systems provide permanent lubrication for moving metal-on-metal parts and should prevent rusting of the cast iron components. Divider oil is expensive, and its consumption increases as the machine gets older or is used at the minimum end of the weight range. Oil isn’t good for your products and it is a pain to clean equipment and production areas. In many cases this oiling doesn’t even provide accurate protection for the iron components. After only a few years of use an expensive refurbishment of the weight chamber is often required.


Artezen Calybra applies a clever combination of stainless steel and Techno plastic that eliminates the need for oil. These materials are the result of many years of study and experience.

They have a proven record of NEVER having to be replaced during the economic life cycle of the machine. Artezen does not use cast iron parts; all components in contact with dough are made of high- quality stainless steel.


Weight accuracy is related to the dividing system. Volumetric dividers rely on heavy pressure from a motor or spring; this affects the dough quality and leads to heavy wear of mechanical components. Many of these dividers may be good when new but become much less accurate after some years of use.
Vacuum dividers are less accurate than volumetric pressure dividers in case of stronger dough, of variable quantities in the hopper or when working with fast proving dough. The lower working pressure however provides for a larger volume of the end product and requires less, expensive additives.


Artezen dividers are unique since they apply a combination of vacuum and volumetric pressure. On top of that, dividing pressure can be adjust- ed on the control panel through our operating software. Note: even in maximum pressure setting, Calybra is much more gentle to your dough than typical dividers. Because is pre-measured first, minimal pressure is required for accuracy with maximum respect for your dough quality.


• Oiling systems of other dividers cost easily 4,000 euro per year per shift. Within a few years, your oil free Calybra has paid for itself.
Calybra still works as new when pressure dividers need an expensive refurbishment.
• Save additional money on expensive additives.
• Get a better end product and sell more bread.
• Proven on the market for over two decades.