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Welcome to Artezen Dough Handling, manufacturer of the famous Calybra oil-free divider and other innovative bakery machines.

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Artezen Connect
30 Jan 2019
Artezen Connect is a solution for Industry 4.0. It consists of a Wifi router incorporated into the equipment's electronics for easy cloud connection. Either through our Connect App or the desktop
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Weight checker
Dynamic Weight Checker for Dough and Packages
Improve your quality standards: Lybra is a full automatic control system checking the weight of dough portions and packaged products. You can count on improved product
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Volumetric Dough Divider
Increase your product quality and save money with our oil-free, high-capacity dough divider. Suitable for any type of dough: white, rye, sticky, gluten free, fruit bread... Our clients tell their stories for you.
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