Control system

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Dynamic Weight Checker for Dough and Packages

  • Weight checker
  • Weighing belt
  • Lybra control panel

Improve your quality standards: Lybra is a full automatic control system checking the weight of dough portions and packaged products. You can count on improved product uniformity enhancing the visual quality of your products. You also achieve important cost savings by better processing accuracy and avoiding overconsumption of ingredients. The weight conformity of the products fulfils your legal requirements.

Lybra can be connected to any divider or packaging unit and transports the products for further handling. For maximum efficiency it adapts to the required capacity of the production line. An optional second out feed belt system can return the rejected dough pieces directly to the hopper of the divider. 

In combination with Artezen’s volumetric divider with the memory pack, Lybra supplies immediate feedback to the divider and automatically resets the weight adjustment. Compatibility with other brands is available on request.

Control unit with Wifi router for cloud connection (Artezen Connect): ready for Industry 4.0.

The belts are made of FDA certified polyurethane.

Maintenance is fast and simple with all major components such as belts and rollers removable. The machine is perfectly prepared for cleaning with water.

By avoiding contact of the divided portions with an operator, the weight checker facilitates the certification processes for HACCP, IFS, BRC and UNI EN ISO 22000.

Working principle Lybra
  • Lybra detail main frame

    Coloured lamps indicate the status of each checked dough portion for visual control from a distance.

  • Lybra control panel

    Touchscreen panel for easy control and programming. Industrial plc ensures fast and flawless operation. Weight range 40 - 4.000 gr. Hourly capacity up to 3.000 portions.

  • USB control system

    Provides and stores detailed statistics for production and accuracy.

  • Sorting belt

    Removable scrapers guarantee flawless unloading of the portions. Easy to clean.
    All belts and rollers are quickly removable for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Weight

    Sturdy frame avoiding any vibrations for maximum accuracy.
    The frame is entirely executed in stainless steel according to the latest hygienic standards.

  • Wheels

    Wheels facilitate mobility. You are not tied to one location and can clean the floor easily.