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Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

  • Bun divider Rounder Syncro
  • Dough divider Syncro
  • Dough rounder Syncro
  • Dough depositor Syncro

Syncro is an efficient roll plant equipped with a gentle dividing system and double rounding device. You can count on the highest accuracy and optimal rounding results for any type of buns and rolls.

The unique two-row system offers a larger weight range without the need to change drums or stamps. The required weight is simply set through the drive controller while the electronic processor automatically suggests the optimal parameters.

An optional integrated, compact long moulder provides the flexibility to produce a true range of buns, rolls, hotdogs and baps. At a minimal requirement of floor space.

One operator can easily produce and load 3.000 buns an hour. It is easy and quick to change between products thanks to the stored recipes.

If today you are working with a traditional artisan bun divider rounder, you can save multiple man hours per day without compromising on your quality standards or flexibility.

Solid construction and well considered components guarantee maximum reliability. Maintenance is fast and simple. All stainless steel doors and panels can be opened and every part is easy accessible.

The comprehensive auto-check system and industrial plc make operation fast and flawless. 

Teflon coated hopper for 12,5 kg dough.

Available models with weight range:

Syncro 120: 30 - 120 gr
Syncro 160: 60-160 gr

Working principle automatic bun divider rounder  Syncro
  • Dough hopper

    Teflon coated stainless steel loading hopper with optical bars, inspection mirror and flour trays. Optional up to 15 kg. of dough.

  • Bun divider system

    Teflon coated aluminium dividing unit with cutting station. Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Bun rounding system

    Rounding station step-less adjusted for optimal rounding through the entire weight range.

  • Dough deposit system

    Alignment rollers at the exit assure correct deposit of buns onto the out feed belt with consistent spacing between the products.

  • Rolls

    Syncro and Syncro M are suitable for buns.

  • Fingerrolls

    Syncro M with integrated compact moulder is suitable for hotdogs and rolls.

  • Baps

    Syncro M with integrated compact moulder is suitable for baps.

  • Drive controller panel

    LCD programmable control panel with drive controller for a full automatic work cycle. Programmable with memory for up to 50 products.

  • Wheels for mobility

    Wheels facilitate mobility. You are not tied to one location and you can have the floor cleaned easily.

  • Front doors Syncro

    Full opening doors and panels for quick access.

  • Daily cleaning bun divider rounder

    All critical parts are removable without tools for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Divider rounder automatic

    Syncro is completely closed during the work cycle for maximum safety to the operators.

  • Drive system Syncro

    A hydraulic closed-circuit system drives the dividing process. Achieving accurate results while respecting the quality of your dough.