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Artezen at Bakery China

20 May 2016
  • Bakery China Artezen 2

Today Bakery China is one of the largest bakery exhibions in the world with an exhibition space of 170.000 sq.m, 1800 exhibitors from 25 different countries and more than 100.000 visitors.

Artezen displayed its complete bread line consisting of the Calybra 0.2 divider, the Conya 0.5 rounder, Cubyca 216 intermediate prover and the Plyca 1CS long moulder.

The introduction of Artezen, supported in a very profesional way by Sweeda (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd, was quite a success with the bread line on exhibit sold on the spot to a famous Chinese baker. Especially the accurate dividing and the oil free system attracted the customers.

Even if there are a large number of local manufacturers in China for bakery equipment, the same market demand appears in China as in many other countries where there is a lack of high quality, accurate dividers and moulders.

In addition to the Chinese bakers, there was a large interest from 20-25 surrounding countries. Artezen expects to appoint several new dealers in the region as partners during this year.