The art of dividing gluten-free bread

Artezen's Calybra divider guarantees optimal dividing results for gluten-free dough. Small or large portions. Without the use of dividing oil.

Contrary to most dividers on the market, Calybra is very suitable for gluten-free products. The dividing system draws a larger portion of the dough from the hopper, approximately three times the required volume. Since gluten-free dough is not elastic, this is the only way to stretch it without tearing.

Since no form of lubrication is required, no contamination whatsoever can take place during the dividing process. And it saves you thousands of euros per year in oil.

Gluten-free dough tends to be sticky and it is mixed without adding fat. Calybra’s stainless steel dividing head isn’t affected by this at all. Most dividers use cast iron dividing systems with some form of final treatment that does not resist the wear related to the specific characteristics of gluten-free products.

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