Start 2020 early...

Early 2020 offers you excellent opportunities to see Artezen equipment. For example at these events:

Salima, Brno (Czech Republic), 20-23 April, our distributor: Omega CZ

Pizza Expo, Las Vegas (USA), 31 March - 2 April, our distributor: Dough Tech by Stratton

Ibatech, Istanbul (Turkey), 26-29 March, our distributor: Emre

Mat & Deco, Bazel (Belgium), 23-25 March, open house at our distributor

Food Expo, Herning (Denmark), 22-24 March, our distributor: FC Strømmen

Bakkersvak, Gorinchem (Netherlands), 1-3 March, our distributor: Van Asselt & Alferink

Expo Sweet, Warsaw (Poland), 23-26 February, our distributor: Peters & Nurkowski

Nogueira Interactiva, Villafranca (Portugal), 19-22 February

Sirha, Budapest (Hungary), 4-6 February, our distributor: Multiprogres

AB-Tech, Rimini (Italy), 18-20 January, at the Artezen booth.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Artezen equipment first hand in your area!