artezen connect intro

Artezen Connect

Artezen Connect is a solution for Industry 4.0. It consists of a Wifi router incorporated into the equipment's electronics for easy cloud connection. Either through our Connect App or the desktop application, you can access your machine and its data stored on the Artezen cloud server.

You can program recipees and the daily production schedule from behind your desk, your home or anywhere else. At any moment you can check the live status of your machines, download productivity data and see if maintenance is required.

In the application you find the documentts associated with your connected Artezen machines, such as user manuals, electric schedules, certificates etc.

The API format allows Artezen equipment to be connected to other machines in your bakery. It can also communicate with your ERP system for programming and productiivty feedback. This requires compatible ERP software which is gradually becoming available from software developers.

The use of our cloud is free of charge for 24 months after installation. After that period it will cost EUR 150,00 per year for up to 10 Artezen machines per production site. 

Initially Artezen Connect is available on the Calybra HD divider as well as the Lybra weight control system.