nogueira interactiva 2017

Nogueira Interactiva

In cooperation with a number of reputable European manufacturers of bakery equipment, Artezen participated for the second time in the annual Nogueira Interactiva. An event organised by the Portuguese distributor Nogueira e Filhos.

This unique event allows the bakers to test the major equipment in Nogueira's line with their own dough. Bakery specialists and representatives of the manufacturer are available for any questions the visitors may have related to their bread production.

During three days, baking demonstrations take place every hour on selected equipment. A great way to see the latest technology, come up with new ideas and to exchange experiences with colleagues from the business.

Artezen's Calybra was of particular interest to the Portuguese bakers. Their dough is generally very hydrated and they insist on stress-free dividing. At the same time they are ever producing bigger quantities, creating a need for equipment with higher capacity. The Calybra divider is the perfect tool for that purpose.

Nogueira placed a movie of this year's edition on their Youtube channel: