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We offer modern and flexible dough handling solutions to our bakery partners by using well tested techniques turned into up-to-date technology.

Artezen European Bakery Market Review
The European Bakery Market
22 Sep 2016
Foodmultimedia is the editor of Baking+Biscuit as well as the German magazine Brot und Backwaren. Every year the editors dig deeper into a topic and publish a book about it. In 2016 they focus
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Bun divider Rounder Syncro
Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder
Syncro is an efficient fully automatic divider rounder for the professional bakery. It is equipped with a gentle, oil-free dividing system and a double rounding device. You can count on the highest
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Dough Divider
Increase your product quality and save money with our oil-free, high-capacity dough divider. Suitable for any type of dough: white, brown, rye, sticky, gluten free, fruit bread... Our clients tell their stories for you.
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